Miss Mabel’s is a family owned, southern chicken joint with Mississippi roots. Our founders have lived all over the South, learning a thing or two about southern hospitality and fried chicken along the way! Our namesake pays tribute to our loving great grandmother, known by the family as Gram, to some as Mrs. T, and by most: Miss Mabel.


Mabel lost her mother at a very young age, and she and her sister moved to their grandparent’s farm. Mabel’s grandmother taught the girls to harvest, clean, and cook chicken among other duties around the farm.

Mabel much preferred the kitchen duties over the outside duties.  Mabel quickly became an expert in the kitchen,  and it wasn’t long before everyone wanted her chicken.

For generations, Mabel’s chicken recipe has stayed a family secret, and Mabel’s great grandson started a restaurant in her honor to share her incredible, authentic, southern fried chicken with the world.